Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 Week or Less!

We had our weekly appointment with Dr. Weisert yesterday.  She looked me over and checked everything.  Turns out I am now 3 cm dilated (up from 1 cm a week ago).  I also had gained 6 lbs. in the last week!  Since I have only gained 15 lbs. this whole pregnancy, up until yesterday, we were all a little surprised by this.  The Dr. says its from the swelling in my legs and lower belly.

Then, she looked through all my charts and test results and said "Well, do you want to stay pregnant?"

How do you answer that question?  I said that I just want what's best for the babies.  The Dr. explained that she wants what's best for the babies too, which is why she wanted the amniocentesis, but at this point the boys will be fine whether they spend a few days in the NICU or not.  

She's more concerned about me getting sick.  I have several of the early signs of preeclampsia without actually having it yet, then there's still the whole uterine rupture concern.  

So, we went ahead and scheduled our c-section for August 6th which is a week from today at 7:30 AM.  So, by this time next week, we'll have two babies to cuddle!

That is of course if I don't go into labor between now and then, which will probably happen because my doctor is out of town for the weekend!


  1. I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited to meet our boysenberries!! Well, your boysenberries but you know what I mean.

  2. I am so amazed by you! You are doing an awesome job being a mom, wife, and pregnant with two babies to boot! Plus also, to have such a sense of humor about it all..Wow. Loved the "Top 10 List" you could do that on Letterman and be the toast of the town!!!
    Can't wait to meet the boys!