Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa and the Boys

We went to my school's Craft Fair and Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning.  Seth was so excited to see Santa and hopped right up into his lap to wish him a "Merry Christmas, Santa!"
Then, when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, Seth replied (with emphatic hand movements) "ALL the toys!"  Tee hee... just covering his bases!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Aunt Shannon Comes to Town!

Scott's sister, unable to stay away too long, came back to visit for a long weekend.  We had a great time and of course took lots of pictures!  Too fun!

The boys chillin' in their crib. Parker's on the left and Ben's (in blue) on the right. 

Parker thought Aunt Shannon taking photos was very funny!
Ben was less amused...
We did a Christmas shoot for the cards that came out sooo cute!
Here are the boys
These are my Santa babies
(Thanks Aimee for the darling outfits)
I think it's Parker on the left and Ben on the right.

Daddy and Seth
Aunt Shannon does some tandem snuggling
We'll miss you Auntie Shannon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Multiple Multiples

So, I'm a little slow in getting these things posted, but here are some pictures, from several weeks ago, of the boys with the Bunch triplets. When Aunt Shannon was here, she really wanted to meet our friend Ami and her 3 little Bunchkins. She had been following her blog 
(you can too at 
and we decided to take the twins to meet their new friends.

Too cute! Or is that two cute... or maybe five cute?  Lots of cuteness.

Benjamin, Ethan, Hunter, Colton and Parker

Ethan, Hunter and Colton Bunch

Aunt Shannon holds the Bunch boys

One Madsen boy (Parker) and one Bunch boy (Ethan)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Latest Photo Shoot

Last week, Bambi and Dad and I decided to try another photo shoot in the back yard. Here are the cute ones:

"I can't hold both of these brothers!!"

Mommy and the boys!!
This is fun!
and... we're done.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Seth's 3rd Birthday

A few weeks ago, we had Seth's 3rd Birthday Party a little early so that both of Scott's parents could be here.  We had a train theme as he loves trains these days!  Gwen and Mike made a darling train cake for him and my dad was volunteered to grill hot dogs and hamburgers. Several of Seth's friends and their parents made it over to celebrate! It was a perfect afternoon and so much fun! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birth Announcement

I finally got my butt in gear and ordered the birth announcements. They're not here yet, but here's what they'll look like.  I ordered them from and am having them printed at Costco. So easy and inexpensive!  Highly recommend it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Boys

So, it's been a long time since I've blogged.  We've had our hands full for sure. 
I decided to start with some introductions to the Madsen boys:

Seth Stephen Madsen

Seth is going to be 3 years old this Friday. I can't believe how fast time flies! Seth loves trains, planes and automobiles! He is a happy and healthy little boy who likes to wrestle just as much as he likes to snuggle. He loves to read and play with his tracks all day long. He just started preschool in August and loves his teachers and friends. His nicknames include Wiggles McGoo, Bubba, and Sethers.

Seth is a great big brother and loves to help out. He is looking forward to the day when his baby brothers can really play with him. But, until then, he likes to play peek-a-boo and This Little Piggy with them.

Parker Martin Madsen

Parker is 10 weeks old. Parker is a sweet and loving baby. He loves to be held and is eager to smile and coo when he's happy. His nicknames include Parkerpoo or Parky. Parker is up to 11 lbs. 8 oz. and 21.5 inches. He has more hair than Ben and has an hourglass shape to his temples. He loves to look at people's faces and "talk" to his birdies in his swing.

Benjamin Powell Madsen

Benjamin is 10 weeks old. He is a happy and calm baby. He loves to look around and take in the whole world. He is relaxed and laid-back unless he's hungry (which he is quite often). Baby B stands for Benjamin, big, baldy and blue. Ben is up to 12 lbs. even and 21.5 inches. He has hardly any hair on top of his head. Unless the boys are wearing identical outfits, we keep Ben in blue to keep everyone aware of who is who at a moments notice. It also helps in photos for us to keep track.

Friday, October 2, 2009

8 weeks later...

Isn't that the title of a movie?

Anyhoo, here we are 8 and a half weeks later and I am finally updating my blog.  It is a beautiful morning here in the Old Pueblo.  It is probably 70 degrees outside and Seth and I are enjoying the back patio while the twins and Gommie (Scott's mom Nancy) nap inside.  I actually have a moment to breathe and reflect on our crazy life since the twins arrived.

Parker and Benjamin are doing great!  They are wonderful babies and are even learning to sleep for a 5 hour chunk at night.  It has taken us awhile to get there, but we are actually catching up on our own sleep as well. We have been so blessed by an amazing crew of helpers that allow us to take breaks and make it through a day without pulling our hair out.

My step-mom Bambi came to help for the entire first month (now that's devotion!) after the babies were born. Then, Shannon, Scott's sister, was here for two weeks.  Now, Nancy is here for 2 weeks with Steve, Scott's dad, overlapping for a week and then staying for another week after Nancy leaves.  I don't know how I would've done any of this without these amazing people, especially because Scott is working extra hard right now due to Nightfall starting at Old Tucson.  Everyone has just jumped in and gotten straight to work and done an outstanding job.

Besides our live-in helpers, we have had many friends volunteer to come over and hold/feed/change babies for a few hours here and there to help.  Many thanks to Gwen and Mike, Tom and Mat, Paul, Jeff, Karen and Tony, Aimee, Jan, Jerry, Alice and Chris for all your respite care.

Another amazing thing that has helped us immensely is everyone who has brought us meals. My great friend Karen and Samantha from our church both jumped right in and coordinated a series of meals for pretty much the first 6 weeks.  We had the best food and were very spoiled. Now we've gone back to making our own meals which aren't nearly as good and definitely not as well rounded.

A huge thanks to everyone who has made this whole situation manageable. As I said, they are really good babies... but... THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!

My next post will be full of pictures as I know that's why you're really reading this. ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Boys are Here

The Madsen twins were born on Tuesday, August 4th.  Our due date was August 28th, but not wanting to push it too far, we were originally scheduled for August 13th, then pushed up to the 6th, then when I was having contractions every 8 minutes, rescheduled for the 4th.  The Dr. was concerned about the possibility of my uterus rupturing, so she decided that better safe than sorry we needed to deliver the boys.  This would put us just short of 37 weeks and there were some real concerns about the boys lungs, but more concern about the lives at stake if I were to rupture.

Here we are right before heading to the hospital:
When we got to the hospital it was a very different experience than with Seth's birth.  With Seth, I had been induced on a Saturday night and finally whisked into emergency C-section at 4:00 AM on Monday morning. The whole thing (all 33 hours of it) is a blur in my head.  With this one, I slept well (as well as one can sleep when 36 weeks pregnant with twins) the night before. I ate a good breakfast and reported to the hospital by 2:00 in the afternoon.  They hooked up my IV, drew blood, etc. then they walked me to the operating room where I hopped up on the table and the anesthesiologist gave me the spinal block shot.  Dr. Weisert came in, they let Scott in, and within minutes started the procedure.
Introducing Parker Martin Madsen (6 lbs. 13 oz.) and Benjamin Powell Madsen (7 lbs. 4 oz.)
Parker was born at 4:24 and Ben at 4:25. 

 The surgery itself went great.  It was pretty quick and painless.  I was surprised when I heard Dr. Weisert and the nurses mumbling and then Dr. Weisert called the anesthesiologist over to "see this."  I asked her what they were looking at and she informed me that my scar tissue on my uterus from my previous c-section had been "paper thin."  So, basically, if we had waited, it would have been merely a question of time before I ruptured.  We had really dodged a bullet.

The boys themselves were absolutely perfect, big and beautiful at around 7 lbs. apiece.  They had Apgar scores of 9, completely developed lungs and absolutely no need for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  We were thrilled to find out they were perfectly healthy.  

Seth sees his baby brothers for the first time!  

Parker Martin Madsen born 8/4/09 at 4:24 p.m.

Benjamin Powell Madsen born 8/04/09 at 4:25 p.m. 

This next part of the story is a little graphic, so if you don't want to hear about the unpleasantries of the birthing process, please don't read it.

After any birth, the mother continues to expel blood while the uterus contracts to its original shape for up to 6 weeks, with the heaviest bleeding in the first 24 - 48 hours.  While I was in recovery after the surgery, my nurse noticed that I was bleeding heavily.  When she felt it was under control after an hour or so, I was transferred to couplet care on the third floor where I could be in a room with the babies and see everyone.  My Dad, Bambi, brother Tom, nephew Mat and Seth had all come to the hospital for the birth.

Grandpa Ron and Benjamin
Grandma Bambi and Parker

Uncle Tom, baby Parker and Seth

Mat holds his new cousin.
Mommy holds the boys for the first time outside her body!  That's 14 lbs. of baby right there, thank you very much.

The nurses kept coming in to check all my vitals and my bleeding.  They seemed concerned by the amount of blood I was losing, but I didn't think much of it until they started removing my pads and weighing them.  

Eventually, they called the Dr. and she ordered a round of Pitocin and some injections that would make my uterus contract stronger to stop the bleeding.  Again, no worries on my part, I was pretty miserable from the after-birth cramping and shivering (a side-effect from the anesthesia), but didn't think much of the bleeding.  

Then, around 8:30 that evening, a new nurse comes into the room with the sonogram machine and informs me that Dr. Weisert is on her way back to the hospital to look at my uterus and that they may have to take me back to surgery if the Dr. has left part of the placenta inside.  

The next thing I know, in blows Dr. Weisert in what looks like half pajamas half scrubs with her hair down and flowing and she is not a happy camper.  She scans my uterus and tells me that no, there's no placenta left, but I have huge clots inside that are causing me to lose way too much blood.  We have two options, she can do a pelvic procedure, or take me downstairs to the operating room for a DNC (scraping the lining of the uterus).  

The last thing I wanted at this point is to go BACK to the operating room!!  So, she starts the pelvic procedure with one hand inside me and one hand on my stomach pushing as hard as she can (just above my incision) and pulling out clot after clot.  It was AWFUL! I have never had so much pain in my life and I was on heavy morphine!  

All in all, the procedure probably took no more than 20 minutes (if that), but it seemed to last forever.  She kept apologizing and I kept crying.  

Turns out that I apparently had a postpartum hemorrhage which is pretty rare, but the leading cause of maternal mortality.  It is more common in multiple births because of the size of the uterus which takes more effort to contract.  I had lost a lot of blood.  Because of that, they wouldn't let me get out of bed that night at all and the babies went to the nursery.

When I talked with Dr. W later, I found out that the problem had been that the nursing staff hadn't called her soon enough. If they had, she would've ordered the Pitocin right away, the nurses would've massaged my uterus more and hopefully avoided  the whole thing.  She informed me with a very serious expression that "it will NOT happen AGAIN."  I'd hate to be part of that nursing crew... Dr. Weisert is awesome and one of the nicest people I've ever met, but I think she can be very tough when she needs to be!

So, turns out I could've died a few times that day.  Either from a rupture or the hemorrhage.  Very scary, but in the end, it was all worth it and I would do it all again in a heartbeat to have these two beautiful, healthy babies.  We are so blessed.  Thanks to everyone for their continued thoughts, prayers and support.