Friday, October 2, 2009

8 weeks later...

Isn't that the title of a movie?

Anyhoo, here we are 8 and a half weeks later and I am finally updating my blog.  It is a beautiful morning here in the Old Pueblo.  It is probably 70 degrees outside and Seth and I are enjoying the back patio while the twins and Gommie (Scott's mom Nancy) nap inside.  I actually have a moment to breathe and reflect on our crazy life since the twins arrived.

Parker and Benjamin are doing great!  They are wonderful babies and are even learning to sleep for a 5 hour chunk at night.  It has taken us awhile to get there, but we are actually catching up on our own sleep as well. We have been so blessed by an amazing crew of helpers that allow us to take breaks and make it through a day without pulling our hair out.

My step-mom Bambi came to help for the entire first month (now that's devotion!) after the babies were born. Then, Shannon, Scott's sister, was here for two weeks.  Now, Nancy is here for 2 weeks with Steve, Scott's dad, overlapping for a week and then staying for another week after Nancy leaves.  I don't know how I would've done any of this without these amazing people, especially because Scott is working extra hard right now due to Nightfall starting at Old Tucson.  Everyone has just jumped in and gotten straight to work and done an outstanding job.

Besides our live-in helpers, we have had many friends volunteer to come over and hold/feed/change babies for a few hours here and there to help.  Many thanks to Gwen and Mike, Tom and Mat, Paul, Jeff, Karen and Tony, Aimee, Jan, Jerry, Alice and Chris for all your respite care.

Another amazing thing that has helped us immensely is everyone who has brought us meals. My great friend Karen and Samantha from our church both jumped right in and coordinated a series of meals for pretty much the first 6 weeks.  We had the best food and were very spoiled. Now we've gone back to making our own meals which aren't nearly as good and definitely not as well rounded.

A huge thanks to everyone who has made this whole situation manageable. As I said, they are really good babies... but... THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!

My next post will be full of pictures as I know that's why you're really reading this. ;)

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