Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Swing away!

Our first video posted!  

Here we are at the park a few weeks ago where the twins got to swing for the very first time! 

You can see the boys found another perk of having a twin: you can go in the baby swing sooner than if you were by yourself as you wouldn't be able to quite sit-up and swing at the same time! 

(Thanks to Dache for the idea!)

Sorry about the quality of the video.  I took it on my phone.


  1. Oh my gosh! Too cute!!! What a great idea Dache had! I LOVE it! I'd say I'd do it now, but I'm pretty sure if I stuffed 2 of mine in that swing I might not get them out....Loved the video!

  2. CUTE! I would never have thought to put 2 babies in one swing. How much fun for them and convinient for you! :)

  3. That is ingenious, and they are loving it, toooo cute.