Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rodeo Day 1 - A Day at the Park

Here in Tucson, we get the best holiday ever: Rodeo Days! That's right, we get two days off to enjoy
the rodeo! I don't think I actually know anyone who goes, but we'll take the days off! This Rodeo weekend
was packed for the Madsen boys. Thursday we went to the park, Friday we went to the zoo, Saturday we
went to dinner for Daddy's birthday and Sunday we had family friends visit. Phew!

My Sycamore mommy friends and I met at the park with all the kiddos on Thursday. We had a lovely picnic in the butterfly garden and then let the kids, as my grandma used to say, run the stink off of them on the playground. It was a beautiful day and they had a great time!

Morgan and Seth playing in the sand:

It's hard work ya know:

How cool is Morgan in her shades?

We tried to get all their heads together. The kiddos had other ideas:

Morgan's ride:

Hayden is much too busy to stay in one place:

Lucas loves to stand up. Look at all that red hair!:

Seth and the Kershner girls:

Kara and Morgan chat:

Georgia and her mommy with Lucas:

Vickie came along and helped out with the twins.
We encouraged her to bring her "baby," but Scott (who's a teenager) didn't want to come:

Staci and Hayden. So cute:

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