Monday, February 8, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

So, my friends Lori, Georgia and Ami, whom all have wonderful, and regularly updated, blogs (which you can visit from my blog list on the sidebar), gently "reminded" me that I might want to update the blog.  I told them all that I am so far behind now that I wouldn't know where to start, to which they all three told me to start from now, so I'm going to start with our day at the zoo on Saturday.  I have a ton of other pics from Christmas and January and maybe I'll get them up and maybe I won't. At least I'm blogging again!

Saturday, we went to the Reid Park Zoo with our new membership, which was an awesome Christmas gift from Scott's parents (thanks Steve and Nancy!).  We met up with my Dad and Bambi, Gwen and Mike, and my step-brother-in-law Travis and his 3 kids: Drew, Abby and Sophia.  Step-sister Christa and Scott couldn't make it as they weren't feeling well.  

It was a beautiful day to be there and we took a picnic lunch and made an afternoon out of it. What fun!

Sophia and Seth, ready for adventures!

Grandma Bambi, Abby, Seth and Sophia check out the otters

This was the boys first time in this new Cadillac of a stroller. My brother Tim's co-worker, Brooke, who has twin girls, gave it to us.  Up to this point, we've been using the double snap-n-go with their car seats.  It was really fun to have them sitting up and looking out. Poor Ben couldn't see much though. I'll make sure he gets to ride in the front next time.

G.G. (Grandma Gwen) teaches the kids how to walk like a giraffe.


Grandma Bambi with the kiddos: Drew, Abby, Seth and Sophia

The Giraffes were "necking."  How sweet!
Being at the zoo can be very tiring. Here's Parker:

And here's Ben:

In a few weeks, my Mothers of Multiples group is going to the zoo again.  I can't wait to see all the babies together in one place. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day again!


  1. Hooray! I'm so proud of you! Great pictures, especially the close ups of the twins! I can't wait for our group trip to the zoo! We might as well call it a field trip! There's certainly enough kids between us to fill a classroom! :)

  2. Just found your blog - And love the pictures of your beautiful family!

    Hope you're doing well!