Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seth's Big Boy Room

This last weekend, my dad, Ron, and step-mom, Bambi, came to visit and to really help us get Seth's "Big Boy" room ready for him.  This room has been our guest room and catch-all room since we moved in, so we had some work to do.  Thanks Dad and Bambi!  You guys rock!

Here are a few "before" pics.  What you don't see is the wall and closet full of comic book boxes that Scott had already moved out to the garage (his idea, not mine) by this point.  

And here are the "after shots."

The big "reveal."

Seth was thrilled with his new "Big Boy" bed with cars on it!  

We hadn't really planned for him to start sleeping in it yet.  We figured we'd just start with a few naps, but from that first night he begged us to sleep in his "Big Boy" bed.  He's spent the last three nights in there and so far so good.

Here are some pics of Daddy reading with Seth before bed.  Pretty cute!


  1. Way to go Seth! The room looks great, Bee-Jai!

  2. Awwww! SO CUTE! Seth is such a big boy now! CRAZY!