Tuesday, June 2, 2009

25 Week Sonogram

These are the photos from our 25 week sono. on May 15th.  At that point they were 2.2 pounds each.  They were measuring a few weeks big (more like 27 or 28 weeks) which is great because we need them to be as big as possible in case they are premies.  This first pic is baby A's profile:

This was the best pic we could get of baby B that day as he was not cooperating!  Shades of years to come I'm sure.

Here are the tops of both of their heads.  At that time, they were both head down with their heads right above my left hip bone.  Baby A was across the bottom of my uterus and baby A was curled up and around with what the technician called a big old mess of arms and legs in the middle!

We have another sono this Friday for their 29 week appointment.  I promise not to wait so long to post the new photos.

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