Friday, June 26, 2009

My Incredible Diaper Shower

This past Saturday, my great friends Lori, Georgia and Karen hosted a diaper shower for me.  The idea was to help us out with some diapers, but who can resist all the cute baby things out there?  Thank you so much to everyone who came. 
I got some beautiful and amazing gifts including our crib sets (thank you Pat and Dick), outfits (lots of matching things!), receiving blankets, burp cloths, bottle sterilizer, gift cards, and two beautiful hand-made (hand-tied, that is) blankets for the boys (thanks Peoria Martins), plus lots more.  

This is all in addition to 1,678 diapers!  We figure these should last us for at least a few weeks, right? ;)  

Thank you again to Lori, Georgia and Karen.  A special thanks to Georgia for opening up her home to all of us.  You guys rock!

Lori, Georgia and Karen (the hostesses)

My niece, Victoria, and me
We played some fun "twin" baby games.
The girls made a special reduced sugar brownie sundae dessert that I could eat!  They topped it off with Twix (get it? Twix? Two babies?).  They also gave out DoubleMint Gum as the party favor!  Too cute! Or should I say two cute?
Two Cute as a Bug outfits.  Who can resist?

Our crib sets!  Thanks again Pat and Dick!
The boys like the ice cream and brownies!

The preggos. Me, 30 weeks with twins, Heather, 31 weeks, and Georgia, 21 weeks.
Heather and I compare bumps while Georgia looks on.  She's probably thinking "I hope I don't get that big!!"
The bellies from above.

Then, after the shower, Georgia opened up her pool to anyone interested.  I was definitely interested!

Thanks again ladies!  It was a great day and we are much more prepared now!  Love spending time with my girlfriends!


  1. thanks so much for posting these pics beej! you look absolutely beautiful. so sorry i couldnt be there. missu!

  2. I so wish I could have been there! Hayden had me a little preoccupied by coming into the world that morning!! I'm so glad it went well!! We all need to get together so you can meet Hayden!

  3. Thank you for sharing these pictures, Beej! I second what Audrey said. You DO look beautiful. And all of us APPRECIATE the amazing amount of work you and your body are doing to take such good care of those little boys that we love so much.