Monday, April 27, 2009

Sonogram Photos and Results

I haven't had the chance to post any of our ultrasound pics, so I sat down over the weekend and scanned them all (so far) to put up.  We have a quick ultrasound every time we see any doctor, and from here on out, we'll go over to St. Joes for a more in depth, and much longer, ultrasound where they check all the plumbing and the growth every 4 weeks.

Here's our first one from our 9 week appt.  Congratulations!  It's two blobs!  (Me: You're kidding me!)
Here's from our 13 week appointment.  This is one of the babies straight on. 
(I know, I don't see it either).
The babies were laying with their heads next to each other 
and their bodies laying on either side.
Here are the latest pictures from April 16th, 20 weeks 5 days.  This was the first of the long ultrasounds that we will now have every 4 weeks.
Here's baby A's profile of his head (see his cute little nose) and part of his torso.

He's definitely a boy!  Those are his legs on either side and his 
"manhood" in the middle, right under the word BOY.

This is his brother, Baby B, from the side profile as well.  This one's from a little further out. You can see his head, body and part of his leg.

Definitely another boy! His "manhood" is just above and 
to the left of the word TWIN in the picture.
Both boys look GREAT!  They were already a pound each, Baby A was 15 ounces and Baby B was 16 ounces.  That's great news because the doctors would be worried if one was much bigger than the other.  That could be a sign on Twin-to-Twin Transfusion, where one baby is getting more blood and nutrients than the other.  The technician agrees with the doctor that they might be identical, but she couldn't tell whether the placenta was one long one with two umbilical cords or if they each had their own that met in the middle.  I guess we won't know for sure until they're born and they can study everything.

Also, all of their organs look good; hearts, livers, kidneys, bladders, upper lips, etc.

Another part of the exam was to check my cervix which apparently the shortening thereof can be a major problem and cause premature labor in multiple pregnancies.  I'd like to report that mine apparently was "the best of the day."  Way to go me!  No worries of premature labor yet!

When we left, Scott said to the technician 
"Ok, so I'm just throwing this out there, but it sounds like things are going pretty much as well as they can, right?"  

To which the technician said,
"The only thing that could make this better is... (I held my breath) 
if one was a girl!"

We'll take that for our only complication!  Let's hope that's the worst problem we have!


  1. I am so excited for you and happy that you and the babies are doing well.
    Love ya!

  2. Glad to hear the babies are doing well! They are already super cute :)

  3. Amazing! Thanks so much for posting these! I feel like I'm getting to know the twins already!

    missu, luvu

    luvaud :)